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Adopting A Senior Cat

November 1, 2023
November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! We’re delighted to see older animals getting their turn in the spotlight. Once our feline pals reach their golden years, they often have a very hard time getting adopted, as so many people want kittens. However, older cats can make absolutely wonderful pets! A local Des Moines, IA vet offers some advice on adopting Fluffy in this article.

Benefits Of Adopting An Older Kitty

It’s always heartbreaking to see older cats in shelters. Many are former pets that were turned in for ‘younger’ models. Others have been lost or stolen, or perhaps just separated from their families due to unfortunate events. It can be a beautiful and enriching experience to give one of these sweet cats a happy and comfortable retirement. You may also find that you enjoy having an older kitty. Fluffy will spend most of her time sleeping. Talk about an easy keeper!

Getting Ready For Fluffy’s Arrival

Fluffy may not be as frisky as a baby cat, but she’ll still have her moments. Don’t skip the petproofing! Keep anything that could be toxic, such as household chemicals, in secure cabinets. Make sure you only have non-toxic plants: you can check the ASPCA site here for info. You’ll also need to be careful with small or sharp objects, wires and cords, and plastic objects. Aside from that, just make your place comfortable and inviting for your new buddy. Get a few soft beds, and put them in spots that are easy for Fluffy to reach. Your feline pal may also appreciate a litterbox made for seniors, as these have lower walls than regular ones. Set out nightlights to help your feline pal get around after dark. We also strongly recommend keeping your cat inside. This is sound advice for any kitty, but senior cats are even more at risk of getting hurt or lost than their younger counterparts are.

Purrs And Cuddles

Getting adopted is a huge change for Fluffy. Some kitties will immediately assume control of their new households. Others will need time to settle in. Don’t force attention on your new pet: win her over by talking to her, playing with her, and offering toys and treats. A trip to the vet’s is in order, but aside from that, let your furry pal relax and adjust. With love, patience, and great care, you’ll have that motor going before you know it! Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. As your local Des Moines, IA animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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