Protection for Your Pet with Year-Round Flea, Parasite, and Heartworm Prevention Programs

At Ingersoll Animal Hospital, we believe it is important for your pet to be on flea, intestinal parasite, and heartworm prevention year-round. Our veterinarians may also recommend tick preventives seasonally, depending on the risk of exposure. Preventives not only protect your pet from multiple parasites, but also your family.    Some pets can harbor zoonotic parasites that can potentially be transmitted from your pets to your family. For more information click on the following link Pets and Parasites.


Parasites can wreak havoc on both your pets and your family, causing serious illness or even death in your pet. Fortunately, they are easily prevented and we have several different forms of preventives to choose from.  These include; monthly chewable tablets, topical solutions and a 6-month injection for heartworms for dogs. At Ingersoll Animal Hospital, we carry a variety of the highest quality preventives available. This allows us to help you select the preventive that will be best suited for your pet based on his or her lifestyle and individual needs.

By purchasing your heartworm and flea products from Ingersoll Animal Hospital your pet is assured of a high quality product that is backed by the manufacturer  when used as directed and purchased from us on schedule.

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We are always available to assist you with questions about which product is best for your pet and any questions on administration. Together we can work to keep your pet healthy and parasite free.