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Endoscopic Video Otoscopy

Advanced ear diagnostics with a video otoscope allows the veterinarians at Ingersoll Animal Hospital the highest level of visualization of the ear canal and eardrum.

This fiber optic scope allows the veterinarians to view the ear canal on a monitor allowing excellent visualization due to the superior optics and magnification. The scope allows us to see directly to the ear drum and to take videos or still pictures allowing us to explain problems to a client or to evaluate therapy. Diseases of the ear such as infections, tumors, rupture of the eardrum and otitis media (middle ear infection) can be evaluated with this method.

The Video Otoscope can also be used under anesthetic to do a deep ear flush removing impacted debris and cerumen or wax that does not allow medication to penetrate or to be effective. When evaluating the ear canal, foreign bodies, masses, and wax can be removed using the operating canal of the scope.