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Senior and Geriatric Wellness

Senior and Geriatric Wellness Exams 8 years and above

We consider our dogs and cats that are 8 years or above to be in a special category for wellness care.

Depending on the health status and concerns for your pet we will schedule wellness examinations once or twice a year for our seniors.  We also believe that doing routine   senior lab work and diagnostics is a way to keep a detailed record of your aging pet’s internal health.  These diagnostics may include blood work, urinalysis and possibly x-rays, blood pressure and hormone testing. Dental care is important in all ages of life but it is given special emphasis in our senior or geriatric pets given the increased likelihood of dental disease including infected and loose teeth in older dogs and cats.

A routine wellness examination is an extremely important part of helping maintain a healthy and happy pet.  These regular examinations will help your dog or cat live a longer and healthier life,

Please contact us if you have any questions on wellness or preventative plans for your dog or cat.  We look forward to seeing you for your pet’s appointmenwith us.