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In-House Veterinary Lab & Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing is an important part of veterinary care and is a crucial way for veterinarians to identify and treat problems helping give us a look “inside” your pet that can’t be obtained by a physical exam alone.

The more information we can obtain on your pet’s condition, the more accurate our diagnosis will be. Ingersoll Animal Hospital has the ability to run complete diagnostic tests in our in-house veterinary lab, and we can perform more advanced diagnostics by utilizing outside laboratories with whom we are affiliated. Whether it’s simple testing for routine wellness or to make a more involved diagnosis, Ingersoll Animal Hospital is an excellent place for all of your cat or dog’s lab work.

Diagnostics offered at Ingersoll Animal Hospital include:

  • Full in-house veterinary lab—We are able to perform full blood chemistries, complete blood counts, electrolyte analysis and urinalysis within minutes to start treatment for your pet immediately.  We can also evaluate cytologies, perform intestinal parasite exams, blood parasite screening including heartworm screening in addition to many other basic tests in-house.
  • Radiographs– At Ingersoll Animal Hospital we have a state of the art 300MA X-ray machine that allows us to evaluate your pet’s musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems from the 2lb kitten to the 180 lbs Newfoundland.
  • Digital dental X-rays for pets— Digital X-ray creates highly detailed images that provide diagnostic information about processes occurring below the gum line, X-rays greatly enhance the quality of dental care your pet can receive.  Digital dental X-rays make for the most thorough and accurate imagings of your pet’s mouth, allowing our veterinarians to better assess the health and integrity of each tooth.
  • Advanced Diagnostics–We have regular access to board-certified radiologists for consultation, ultrasonography, and echocardiography and other advanced diagnostics. We have a close relationship with the board-certified specialists at Iowa Veterinary Specialties(link)