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5 Pawesome Ways To Be A Great Pet Parent

October 1, 2023
Pets aren’t just furry, four-legged roommates: they’re our friends, companions, guardians, and cuddle buddies. They offer us unconditional love, keep us entertained with their adorable antics, and are good for us both physically and mentally. However, adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. Fido and Fluffy completely depend on you to take care of them. A Des Moines, IA vet offers some advice on how to be a stellar owner below.


First and foremost: don’t adopt a pet unless you are ready, willing, and able to provide that animal with the love, care, and attention for the rest of its life. Adoption is forever!

Keep Up With Veterinary Care

Pets are susceptible to a wide variety of illness and injury. They feel pain, nausea, and discomfort, just as we can. Keep up with veterinary care! Follow your vet’s recommendations for appointment schedules, and watch for signs of illness or injury. Don’t wait to see if something resolves: call us immediately if you notice anything off.

Do The Research

Caring for an animal takes dedication, work, and knowledge. A big part of it entails knowing what is and is not safe for your furry pal. That applies to everything from safe and unsafe foods, training, grooming, common dangers, signs of illness, and helping pets co-exist, to name just a few. Do lots of research. Even if you’ve had animals your entire life, there’s always something new to learn. 

Use Proper Safety Protocols

Our animal companions are playful and curious. They’re also equipped with the instincts of both predator and prey. That can be a dangerous mix! Taking some simple safety precautions can go a long way towards preventing mishaps. For dogs, that may entail things like keeping Fido on a leash and making sure your fencing is secure. As for kitties, keep Fluffy inside. Spay/neuter surgery is also recommended: this will not only prevent unwanted litters, but will also provide both health and behavioral benefits.

Offer Lots Of Love

Animals can form extremely powerful bonds with their humans, but that friendship needs to be nurtured. Don’t forget about your furry friend’s mental and emotional health. Pets need lots of love and attention! Spend lots of time with your animal companion, and just make sure they feel loved and safe at all times. Please contact us with questions or concerns about your furry pal’s care. As your Des Moines, IA animal clinic, we’re here to help.

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