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Senior Cat Luxuries

August 1, 2023
Is your cat a furry little retiree? After many years of working hard at napping, playing, and looking cute, Fluffy is ready for a long retirement … which will of course mostly consist of napping, playing, and looking cute. While your feline friend will always be a kitten at heart, she’ll need some extra TLC as she ages. A local Des Moines, IA veterinarian lists some purrfect ways to spoil your aging pet in this article.

Beds, Beds, Beds

Cats in their golden years somehow manage to sleep even more than their younger counterparts. Fluffy may snooze as much as 20 hours a day. Making sure your kitty has plenty of comfy spots to rotate through will go a long way towards keeping her happy. Our furry buddies aren’t shy about using our beds and sofas, but older kitties may have trouble jumping. Set out pet ramps or stairs for your cute retiree. It’s also worth noting that senior cats often like to curl up in warm spots. Put some comfy beds in warm spots.


Older cats often have trouble getting in and out of litterboxes with high sides. Get Fluffy something that was made just for senior kitties. These typically have lower walls, which makes them easier for her to get in and out of. You may need to set out extra boxes, especially if you have more than one floor in your home. Make sure the box is in a private area, and isn’t hard for your feline companion to reach.

Beauty Treatments

One of the best things about cats is their cleanliness. Fluffy is very diligent about keeping up her beauty routine. However, as your feline pal ages, she may have trouble bending and stretching enough to reach her whole body. Get into the habit of brushing your little buddy regularly. She’ll be much more comfortable without dead fur and tangles in her coat!


Just like people, older cats sometimes develop issues with their vision or hearing. Get into the habit of keeping a nightlight on after dark, so Fluffy can find her way around more easily. Kitties that can’t see well may also benefit from having things like carpet runners and scent markers to help them find their way around. Do you have questions about your senior kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your local Des Moines, IA pet clinic, today!

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