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Keeping Fido Safe At The Pool

July 15, 2023
Do you enjoy swimming in summer? We know that quite a few of our canine patients love spending time at the pool with their humans. Just keep a close eye on Fido when he’s around water. Pools can be fun for dogs, but they also can be dangerous. An Ingersoll, IA vet offers some doggy pool safety tips in this article.

Swim Lessons

While some pooches are natural swimmers, others have to learn to swim. If Fido doesn’t know how, take time to teach him. Support his weight as he’s learning, and offer lots of encouragement. Don’t throw him in: even if he figures out the doggy paddle, he may be terrified by the experience.

Know High-Risk Pups

Some pups absolutely love the water. Others just aren’t cut out for it. Brachycephalic pups, for instance, cannot swim safely. Small breeds also don’t do well in the water. Seniors, puppies, and very large breeds also don’t do well in water. If your canine companion can’t swim well—or at all—we strongly advise keeping a doggy lifejacket on him at all times when he’s near the pool. Better safe than sorry! 


One of the most important things is making sure that Fido knows where the pool steps are. Take time with this training, and make sure it sticks. It’s also best if you teach your furry friend to always get in and out of the pool by the steps. You don’t want to get your pooch into the habit of doing doggy cannonballs over the side.


Make sure your four-legged friend always has fresh water available. Fido may want to slurp up pool water, but don’t let him. Chlorine and other pool chemicals are definitely not part of his daily nutritional requirements.


Use the same pool safety rules for Fido as you would with young children. Always supervise your pup near the water, and never leave him unattended near it. It’s also best to keep the pool area locked when no one is swimming. 

Paw Care

You’ll need to pay some extra attention to Fido’s cute toe beans. Fido’s paws get very delicate and sensitive when they are wet. This makes them very susceptible to blisters. Ouch! Use paw balm to moisturize your furry pal’s paws.  Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Ingersoll, IA pet clinic, anytime! 

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