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Dogs’ Remarkable Loyalty

December 15, 2014
Our canine friends have stood beside us for countless ages. They’ve protected our homes and herds, helped us manage our livestock, and provided companionship through good times and bad. They’ve even gone to war with us. There is no doubt that the bond dogs form with their masters are very powerful indeed, and that our furry friends are capable of remarkable loyalty. Some dogs, however, have made truly astonishing and heartwarming demonstrations of their undying devotion to their owners. Read on as your local vet Ingersoll gives a few amazing examples of dogs’ loyalty.


Seco belonged to a homeless man in Brazil. When Seco’s owner was the victim of a cruel and brutal attack which landed him in the hospital, Seco showed his devotion by sitting outside the hospital, waiting for his human friend to emerge. Unfortunately, doctors discovered cancer in the man, and his hospital stay had to be extended. Seco stubbornly stayed put. Hospital workers took note of the loyal pup and provided food and water. Eight days later, man and dog were happily reunited.


Dasher, a German Shepherd, made the news when he stayed by the side of his two-year-old human buddy, who got lost in the Australian bush. Dasher stayed with the little boy throughout an entire night, and kept watch over him.


Hawkeye was the loyal companion of U.S. Navy Seal Jon Tumilson, who lost his life while serving in Afghanistan. At Tumilson’s funeral, Hawkeye laid down beside his master’s casket in a stunning and heartbreaking show of love and loyalty. Hawkeye now lives with Tumilson’s longtime friend.


Capitán, a German Shepherd, was always loyal to his master, Miguel Guzmán. When Guzman died, the dedicated pooch went missing, only to be found lying near his master’s grave. The truly amazing part of Capitán’s story is that Guzman died in a hospital, and Capitán had no known way of finding where his beloved friend was buried.


The story of this loyal pooch is so remarkable it was made into a touching movie. Hachiko used to go to a train station every day to wait for his master to return home from work. Amazingly, the loyal pooch kept up this ritual even after his owner died. Faithful Hachiko went to that same train station every day until his own death, ten years later. These are just a few examples of our canine friends’ astounding dedication and their unwavering love and devotion. There are many, many more stories, all of them proving that Fido has definitely earned his honorary title of Man’s Best Friend. Please click here for more articles from your vet clinic Ingersoll.

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