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Essential Dog Care Tips

January 1, 2015
Your dog is a loving and loyal companion, and a big part of your household. Do you know what it takes to keep Fido truly happy and healthy? The basics of food, shelter, and health care are commonly known, but there are a few more things you can do to make sure your furry pal has the best and longest life possible. In this article, your local vet Ingersoll lists some essential tips for taking good care of your furry buddy.

Proper Exercise

Making sure your furry pal is getting enough exercise will benefit his heart, stimulate his circulation, keep his weight down, lower his risk of many various ailments and diseases, and burn off excess energy that, left unspent, may lead to behavioral issues. Plus, it’s fun!


You don’t need to teach your dog advanced tricks, but, in addition to housetraining, he should at the very least know the five most basic commands: Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Come, and Heel. Many dogs enjoy learning, so once Fido has mastered these basics, you can continue his education with more commands or fun tricks, like turning lights off and on; fetching your slippers, mail or beverages; or maybe even helping with laundry!


Proper nutrition is absolutely essential to your canine buddy’s health. Your dog’s exact dietary needs will vary based on his age, lifestyle, breed, weight, and overall health, so ask your vet to help you optimize his diet.


Making sure your dog has ID tags and a microchip, as these things will drastically increase the odds of you getting him back if he is ever lost or stolen. Don’t forget to update the information whenever you move or get a new phone number!

Regular Checkups

Follow your vet’s recommendations for examinations and vaccinations, and keep Fido’s shots up to date. Regular checkups will help ensure any issues are caught and addressed early, and will also keep your dog in compliance with local laws.


Dogs are social creatures, so Fido won’t be very happy if he spends too much time alone in the yard. Treat Fido as a member of your family, and keep him close.

Monitor Fido’s Health

Keep a close eye out for any unusual behavior or signs of illness, disease, or injury, and consult with your vet if anything appears out of the ordinary.


Our canine buddies can sometimes get themselves into trouble if they don’t have enough stimulation, so make sure to keep your pal entertained with chew toys, and carve some time out of your schedule to play with your furry friend. Please visit our site here for more articles from your vet clinic Ingersoll.

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