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How to Keep Your Dog From Jumping on People

November 15, 2014
Does your pup jump on you or your guests when you step through the door? This is a pretty common habit in dogs, and, although it can be a bit endearing, this behavior is definitely bad doggy manners. While it’s true that your pup may be very happy to see you when you come home, jumping on people could be your dog’s way of trying to prove his dominance and claim the spot of pack leader in your household. There’s also the chance that Fido could jump on someone who is too small or weak to withstand his greeting, and he could injure someone. In this article, your local vet Des Moines gives a few tips on how to stop this behavior.

Don’t Reward Bad Manners

Your furry buddy will learn something from every interaction he has with you, and will use these lessons to determine what is and is not acceptable behavior. If you pet Fido after he jumps on you, or speak to him, you’ve just rewarded him for misbehaving. Only pay attention to your dog when all four of his paws are on the ground and he’s minding his manners.

Start Young

A little puppy that jumps up to greet you is cute. A 120-pound adult dog that jumps up to greet you? Not so much. Teach your dog proper manners while he’s little, so you don’t find yourself trying to un-train bad manners when he’s grown.


All dogs should know the five basic commands of Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Heel, and Come. If your dog doesn’t know these doggy basics yet, he should be taught them as soon as possible. If Fido knows Sit, you can use this to help train him how to greet you properly. If you enter your house, and your dog is at the door, only open the door a crack, and tell Fido to sit. Don’t walk in until your dog sits.

Making the Point

If your pup jumps on you when you enter, ignore him, turn your back, and immediately walk back out the door. It may take a few rounds to get the point across, but be consistent. Any time you are training a dog, you’ll need to be patient and consistent. Don’t expect overnight changes, and expect slip-ups now and then. Do you have any questions about caring for your dog? If so, we are here to help. As your vet clinic Des Moines, we are happy to assist with all of your pet care needs. Please click here to read more articles on pet care and behavior.

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