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Secrets to Having a Happy, Healthy Cat

November 1, 2014
Cats are amazing animals. These little furballs provide us with laughter, love, and comfort, and can bring a smile even on the worst of days. The bond that can form between humans and felines can be a very powerful one indeed. We all want to keep our beloved pets healthy, happy, and safe for as long as possible. In this article, your local vet Ingersoll gives some tips on how to help your special kitty live a long and blissful life.

Keep Fluffy Indoors

Indoor cats are healthier, live longer, and are much less likely to get lost, injured, or killed. Even though your kitty may be quite independent, it’s a big, scary world out there, and there are lots of dangers lurking for little furballs. Keeping your furball indoors is one of the best things you can do to protect her.

Spay or Neuter

Spaying and neutering not only reduces the number of unwanted cats, it is also healthier for your cat in general. Fixing your cat will also reduce or eliminate behavioral problems such as mating-call yowling and spraying.


Kitties need stimulation and exercise to stay happy and healthy. Make sure your feline buddy has a good assortment of toys. Playtime will help her get some physical activity and keep her occupied when she’s alone. Cats that get enough stimulation and exercise are also less prone to behavioral issues such as nighttime rowdiness, anxiety, and play-fighting.

Regular Checkups

We know, going to the vet wouldn’t score very high on Fluffy’s list of preferred activities if she could write one. Regardless, it’s still to her benefit. Keeping your cat healthy requires regular checkups and examinations, as well as vaccines.

Make Kitty Feel Loved

Cuddle time, special treats, and new toys all help your kitty feel loved and secure. Remember to pet your furball, talk to her, and pet her when she wants attention. The more you interact with your kitty, the more closely she will bond with you.

Minimize Stress

Fluffy will feel most safe and secure in a calm, quiet environment. Your house may get busy and even a bit chaotic at times; that’s part of life, and sometimes impossible to avoid. Giving Kitty places to retreat to when there’s a lot of commotion going on will help her feel secure and relaxed.

Proper Nutrition

Make sure your cat is getting proper nutrition, and that the type and amount of food she gets is optimal for her age, weight, and activity level. Check with your local vet Ingersoll for recommendations on Kitty’s diet.

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