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Senior Dog Care

June 15, 2023
Did you know that dogs all age at different rates? Some of our canine buddies will be seniors at just six: others won’t reach their golden years until they are ten or even older. Your furry pal will need some extra care as he grows older. An Ingersoll, IA vet discusses caring for a senior dog in this article.

Keep Fido Comfortable

As Fido ages, you’ll want to change the focus of his care from keeping him entertained to keeping him comfortable. Soft beds, proper grooming, and climate control are all very important here. 

Fido’s Fitness

Older dogs have less energy and lower metabolism than their younger buddies, which makes it easy for them to pack on weight. A proper diet and exercise regime is key. You don’t want to overexert Fido, but it is important to make sure that he is getting enough activity. Most pups need at least a daily walk. Weather permitting, warm water swims can be a good option, assuming your pooch enjoys them. While playing is still fun and beneficial, start focusing on games that challenge your canine pal mentally without taxing his body.

Adjust Accordingly

Arthritis is very common in older dogs. This can make it very difficult for Fido to move around. He’ll also have trouble jumping and climbing. Providing pet ramps and stairs can help. 

Veterinary Care

Fido will likely benefit from more frequent appointments as he grows older. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule. At home, watch for signs of developing health issues. Bring him in ASAP if you notice anything off. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice about your canine friend’s changing care needs. That’s what we’re here for!

Breed Research

Fido’s breed will also affect how he ages, as certain breeds may be predisposed to specific conditions. For instance, hip dysplasia is common in German Shepherds. Ask your vet for more information on common issues and what to look for. 


Senior dogs are truly precious. Many pups become super sweet and affectionate as they age. Fido won’t really care about chasing squirrels; he just wants to nap and spend time with you. Pay lots of attention to your furry friend, and savor the time you have with him. After years of devotion and loyalty, senior dogs have earned some extra TLC! As your Ingersoll, IA pet clinic, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime!

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