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Cold Weather Cat Care

December 1, 2019
Winter is here! Every season brings its own set of concerns and hazards for pet owners to be aware of. This can be a very dangerous time of year for our feline friends! You’ll want to take a few steps to keep Fluffy happy, healthy, and safe over the next few months. Read on as a Des Moines, IA vet discusses cold weather care for cats.

Keep Kitty In

The best way to protect your furball from the cold is to keep her indoors. Cars, predators, and chemicals are always a danger to Fluffy. In winter, snow, ice, and cold pose additional threats. Heavy snow often masks scents and landmarks. This makes it harder for adventurous felines to find their way home. Storms are also extremely dangerous. Your furry pal could get trapped by snow. It also isn’t uncommon for kitties to get frostbite, especially on their ears and tails. If you do let your cat out, make sure she has an emergency shelter. A storage tote with a hole cut in one end will work.

Offer Safe Napping Spots

Did you know that cats somehow manage to sleep even more than usual in cold, dreary weather? Make sure your kitty has plenty of warm, comfy beds. Fluffy may also appreciate a thermal pet blanket or pet tent.


It gets dark really early at this time of year. If you won’t be home before nightfall, turn a light on before you leave. That way, Fluffy won’t be left by herself in a dark quiet house.


Dehydration can be an issue in winter. Make sure Fluffy always has clean water that isn’t too cold. You may want to get her a pet fountain. Many cats actually prefer drinking running water!

Proper Nutrition

Good food is always important, but it’s extra critical in winter. If you do let your feline pal go outdoors, she may need slighter bigger portions. Fluffy may also benefit from certain supplements. Fish oil, for instance, can be helpful to arthritic kitties. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Cuddle Time!

Cats are purrfect cuddle buddies. They also make pretty decent lap warmers! Enjoy some relaxing down time with Fluffy on a frigid night, and let her curl up on your lap as you’re reading or watching TV. Please contact us, your local Des Moines, IA vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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