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Tips for Taking Fido to the Salon

August 15, 2019
Most of our canine pals aren’t very enthusiastic about baths. Fido might enjoy swimming, and he loves feeling fresh and clean, but he may still bolt when he hears that dreaded four-letter B-word. Of course, doggy bathtime isn’t necessarily very fun for people, either. That’s one reason more and more people are opting to take their pets to the groomer’s instead. Read on for some tips from a Des Moines, IA vet on taking your dog to the salon.

Keep Up With Brushing

Brushing your dog between appointments is very important. If Fido has long hair, this will help prevent mats and tangles from forming. Even pups with thin fur will benefit, as this will get dead fur and dander out of his coat. It’s also good for his skin and circulation.

Pawsitive Thoughts

Overgrown nails are both uncomfortable and problematic for Man’s Best Friend. However, many pooches are less than thrilled about having their paws handled. This can make pawdicures stressful and difficult for both your pet and his groomer. Teach your canine friend that he will get a yummy snack when he gives you his furry foot. Fido may have a miraculous change of heart about getting his claws trimmed if he thinks there’s bacon involved!

Give Clear Instructions

It’s very important to give instructions clearly. For example, if you want to get Fido a specific haircut, bring a photo in with you. You’ll also want to let your groomer know if you or your pet are allergic to strong scents or certain ingredients. If your canine buddy has issues with anxiety or aggression, tell your groomer about that as well.

Avoid Drawn-Out Goodbyes

Fido is a cherished friend and companion, and an important part of your life. It’s not easy saying goodbye to your furry pal, even for just a few hours … especially when he’s giving you that don’t-leave-me look. However, long goodbyes will only make things harder on both of you. Make the drop-off short and sweet.

Consult Your Vet

Dogs all have their own unique beauty-care needs. Fido may need specific medical grooming, such as anal gland expression or ear hair removal. However, these are not necessary for every pup. Check with your vet before requesting these services. Please contact us, your Des Moines, IA vet clinic, for all your dog’s grooming needs. We’re here to help!

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