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Tips For Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally

January 15, 2019
Does your canine buddy run and hide when he knows he’s getting a bath? We’re pretty sure that Fido loves that salon-fresh feeling of being soft and clean, but he’s not a really big fan of the bathing process. Doggy bathtime isn’t exactly fun for people, either. Taking Fido to the groomer is much easier, and also has several other benefits. Professional groomers have the tools and techniques to give your furry friend a great cut, and can also perform medical grooming procedures, such as anal gland expression. A local Des Moines, IA vet offers some helpful tips on taking Fido to the groomer in this article.


Many groomers allow you to drop off your pet, and then pick up a clean, fresh-smelling pup later in the day. Make sure you are clear on the groomer’s schedule, especially what time they close.

Choosing A Groomer

While there isn’t one specific standard for doggy groomers, there are some ways to identify good ones. Looking online for great reviews is one option. You can also ask your vet for recommendations. You may want to just drop in and check out the facility. Keep in mind that reputable groomers will ask for copies of Fido’s paperwork. (Note: this may not happen if you get your dog groomed at your vet’s, as they would have that information already.)

Choose A Place With A Kennel

While not all groomers offer boarding, or vice versa, there are benefits to one-stop shopping. The more familiar Fido is with his home away from home, the less nervous he’ll be when he goes there!

Provide Key Information

Your groomer probably doesn’t need to know that Fido is obsessed with the neighbor’s cat, or has a favorite blanket. However, they should definitely be alerted to relevant information. If your dog has any specific medical conditions or allergies, hates blow dryers, or is terrified of storms, make sure to convey this information. It’s not a bad idea to put it in writing.

Between Groomings

Brush your canine buddy every week or so between trips to the salon. This will remove dead fur and dander, and keep Fido from getting uncomfortable mats. Do you need to get your dog groomed? Contact us, your local Des Moines, IA vet clinic, today. We are happy to offer both grooming and boarding, along with excellent veterinary care.  

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