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Hydrotherapy via the Underwater Treadmill available Nov 1, 2016!

October 3, 2016
Hydrotherapy via the Underwater Treadmill will be available November 1, 2016 in our new expanded physical rehabilitation facility at 2911 Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa. An Underwater Treadmill (UWTM) takes advantage of the physical properties of water so your pet can receive hydrotherapy in a controlled, comfortable environment. The Underwater Treadmill is used to treat a variety of conditions whether your pet is recovering from surgery, needs to shed a few pounds or enhance their fitness level, the underwater treadmill allows us to tailor a course of therapy to your pet’s specific needs.The water supports the weight of the patient but the muscles, even at a slow walk, get an intense workout. This workout is 3 to 5 times harder than land exercise, so muscle gain is quicker to help support healing or otherwise compromised joint. The warm water soothes aching muscle and improves circulation. We are excited to offer this option to our patients recovering from surgery, dealing with weakness and chronic pain or those dogs needing to shed a few pounds or to keep in shape as the weather changes.

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