CVA, CCRA, CCFT, CCMT Head Veterinary and Dental Technician
Becky developed her passion for veterinary medicine during her childhood. Growing up in Knoxville, Iowa, young Becky began joining a local veterinarian on his patient appointments when she was just eight years old. Becky thoroughly enjoyed her one-on-one time with this generous veterinary professional; and by the time she was 15 years old, she had acquired valuable veterinary medicine knowledge. Even more importantly, Becky had realized that she was meant for a veterinary career!

When Becky began attending nearby Simpson College, she wanted to maintain her connection to veterinary medicine. Becky applied for a part-time job at Ingersoll Animal Hospital in 1980, and she has been a valuable part of the hospital’s care team for more than 30 years.

Throughout Becky’s time at the hospital, she has taken the initiative to improve her skills, which increases her ability to provide care for her clients’ treasured pets. Becky has become a Certified Veterinary Assistant and a Medical Laser Technician. She has also completed advanced training from the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians. This dedicated, animal-loving lady keeps herself updated on the latest veterinary medicine advances, and she’s always ready to adapt to new technologies to better help her furry patients.

In Becky’s free time, she’s a seasoned distance runner who has completed several marathons. Becky, Tempo and Pacer, her miniature schnauzers, also compete in agility trials. She’s currently training Tempo and Pacer to be well-seasoned competitors! They are both still very much puppies and are more vocal than Becky would like, but they are making great progress.
Shelbi L
CCRA, CVT in progress
Shelbi is a Des Moines native, and grew up spending many summer days at the Blank Park Zoo. She’s always been interested in the behavior and rehabilitation of animals, and knew that she would love to work hands-on to better the lives of the earth’s creatures. That’s why Shelbi decided to become a member of the veterinary profession!

Shelbi first joined the team here at Ingersoll Animal Hospital while starting college at Iowa State University, filling in during breaks and summer vacation as a Veterinary Assistant, until returning to the clinic full-time after graduating with her degree in animal ecology. She especially loves to learn new things on a daily basis, and also enjoys observing and helping with surgeries. Shelbi’s favorite part of her work is that every day is a little bit different—she’s constantly kept on her toes!

Outside of work, Shelbi likes traveling and spending time at home with her own pets. She shares her life with Nashville, a Golden Retriever/English Setter mix who loves to be pampered, as well as a spunky black cat named Manny.
Veterinary Assistant
Kaela is a native of Kenyon, Minnesota (go Vikings!), where she grew up surrounded by dogs. Her love of animals began at a very young age, but the unexpected loss of one of her beagles inspired Kaela to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Not only did she want to know more about how to prevent such a tragedy, but she also wanted to keep other pet parents from experiencing a similar loss. As one of the veterinary assistants here at Ingersoll, Kaela enjoys being hands-on with patients and supporting clients.

Kaela’s career journey began right here at Ingersoll Animal Hospital, where she joined the team in June of 2023. Professionally, she has a special interest in surgery. She also has a knack for handling animals and putting them at ease. Kaela is continuing to learn and grow her skills every day with the goal of providing the best possible care to her patients and their owners.

Outside of work, Kaela lives with her fiancé, Austin, and their two fur-babies – a puggle named Koda, who loves life, and a yellow lab named Krystal, who is a bit on the shy side, but eventually warms up and ends up loving everyone. In her free time, Kaela enjoys watching football and – win or lose – will proudly root for her hometown team.
Veterinary Assistant
Unlike many of her colleagues, Karen didn’t initially set out to work in the veterinary field. To the contrary – she originally thought she wanted to become a lawyer. Her deep interest in medicine and science, and an innate love of animals, however, would ultimately shift her path in a different direction. As a veterinary assistant, Karen is grateful to be doing what she feels she’s meant to do: making a difference in the lives of pets and their families.

Karen attended college in her home island of Puerto Rico, where she applied to be part of the pre-vet program. While in school, she participated in an internship involving the care of marine turtles. It was an incredible experience that further fueled her desire to work in veterinary medicine. She then spent some time shadowing at a vet clinic where she was eventually hired. After relocating to Iowa, Karen joined the Ingersoll Animal Hospital team in June of 2023.

One of the things Karen enjoys most about her job is educating new pet owners on how to be the best pet parents to their fur-babies. She also enjoys witnessing the journey of pets who are healing and regaining strength following a complicated disease process. Last, but not least, Karen recently began participating in the rehabilitation program, which provides new options for pets to enjoy an optimal quality of life.

Outside of the clinic, Karen has several pets of her own, including a very spoiled cat named Mota, who was born in Karen’s closet and ended up staying after all of her littermates were adopted; a mixed breed dog named Petunia, whom Karen rescued from the middle of the road after her mother had been hit by a car; and Apex, a handful of a Huskey who is extremely intelligent. Besides her fur-babies, Karen lives with her long-time partner, Edwin, whom she met during college.
Veterinary Assistant
Morgan’s connection to animals began at a very young age on her family farm, where she helped tend to a wide variety of animals. Whenever the local vet would show up, Morgan would follow them around, fascinated by what they did. When she saw one of the doctors give the family dog some medicine and witnessed that sick pup’s recovery, she was hooked and officially knew what she wanted to do when she grew up!

In high school, Morgan participated in a job shadowing project at her local vet clinic. After graduation, she went on to attend ISU for animal science. Prior to joining the Ingersoll Animal Hospital team, Morgan spent two years working as a professional dog trainer in the Des Moines area. While she loved the job, deep down she knew she wanted more and decided it was time to return to what started it all – her childhood interest in veterinary medicine. Helping pets heal is her true passion in life.

Outside of the clinic, Morgan’s family consists of her fiancé and their sassy cat, Midna, who likes to pretend she doesn’t like you until she’s climbing into your lap and purring like a motorboat.
Veterinary Assistant
Despite initially going to school to become a paramedic, Rylee realized relatively early on that she was far more interested in working with animals than with humans. As one of the veterinary assistants here at Ingersoll Animal Hospital, Rylee is able to combine her medical training with her passion for pets, which has turned out to be the perfect fit!

Prior to joining the Ingersoll team, Rylee’s work experience took place in various zoos and aquariums, where she helped to care for a variety of different species. She also volunteered at the NOAA Sea Turtle Rescue, where she assisted in rehabilitating injured turtles. In her current role as VA, Rylee enjoys talking to clients, learning about their pets, and establishing relationships with them.

Outside of the clinic, Rylee lives in Des Moines with her son and their animal family, which consists of a trick-loving mutt named Gary, a bearded dragon named Fiber, a leopard gecko named Bagel, and several fresh and saltwater fish. When she’s not busy working or tending to her family, Rylee can usually be found doing something outdoors, especially if it involves hiking in the woods or swimming at the beach.
Veterinary Assistant
Kirsten grew up in Grimes, IA, where she was heavily involved in 4-H, FFA, and anything related to horses. She credits her Arabian, Rio, with sparking her interest and love for animal rehabilitation and animal medicine. As a veterinary assistant here at Ingersoll Animal Hospital, Kirsten strongly believes that education is key, and wants to help provide that to owners so that they can help their animals live their very best lives.

After graduating from Ellsworth Community College with an associate degree in both Equine Science and Equine Management, Kirsten went on to work for the Animal Rescue League as a kennel technician. From there, she wanted to dive into more of the companion animal world and went on to work at a clinic as a veterinary assistant for a year and a half before joining Ingersoll Animal Hospital in June of 2023. Professionally, she enjoys lab work because it’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Outside of the clinic, Kirsten resides with her boyfriend and their two dogs, Waylon and Dolly. Waylon is a rescue and is the best snuggle buddy, even if his anxiety sometimes gets the best of him. Dolly is their Brittany, who when she is not out upland hunting with Kirsten’s boyfriend (her favorite person), she is on the couch suckling and kneading a comfy blanket. Kirsten’s personal interests include horseback riding, upland hunting, reading, and hiking with her favorite pups.
Riley P
Veterinary Assistant
Riley never really outgrew the "crazy horse girl" phase of her childhood. Of course, with horses come cattle, and then dogs and barn cats. What better way to get it all than a career in vet med? And with a mother who was also a technician, the apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree! As a veterinary assistant here at Ingersoll Animal Hospital, Riley gets to share her passion for animals every day with our clients and their beloved pets.

Riley’s journey began at a small clinic in Nebraska, where she had the opportunity to work with all sorts of critters, from lizards to draft horses, and just about everything in between. Eventually, her family relocated to Iowa, where Riley found her way to Ingersoll in August of 2023. While she loves every aspect of her job, she has a special interest in lab work, surgery, and client education. Lab work is like a mystery book, surgery is always a learning experience, and educating clients helps them better care for their pets.

Outside of the clinic, Riley is happily married with two young children. Their fur family consists of a petite kitty named Ruby, who enjoys yelling at people from all over the house for no reason, a failed cattle dog named Arrow, whose snuggles and high fives make up for his lack of herding instinct, and a great Dane, who is a total couch potato.

Riley’s personal interests include rock climbing, horses, and reading. Rock climbing is great exercise but also good problem-solving work. Her favorite moment was flashing (completing a route on the first go) a route her husband had been working on for weeks.
Veterinary Assistant
Riley joined our Ingersoll Animal Hospital Team in August of 2023. She also works part-time at a local emergency pet hospital. Riley thrives in the fast-paced, and chaotic, environment of emergency medicine. One thing Riley enjoys about her job is being able to make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners.

Riley enjoys giving back to the community, whether it be in volunteer work, teaming up with animal non-profit organizations for various animal clinics or local food drives around the holidays. Riley is excited to expand her experience and education into general practice animal care, and plans to become a Registered Veterinary Technician in the foreseeable future.

Riley most recently adopted her Shiba Inu “adventure pup”, Shiloh. She has not only adopted and fostered animals, but also has a passion for being an advocate for foster children and families within the foster care system. She is a single mother of two daughters, and one adopted son. She also has two cats and two dogs. In her free time, Riley enjoys being active, camping, hiking, partaking in recreational sports, and spending quality time with family and friends.
Patient Care Coordinator
Tiff grew up in a small town in California called Yucaipa. After relocating to Iowa with her boyfriend, she learned of an opening at Ingersoll Animal Hospital and jumped at the chance to join our team. Having been a veterinary technician for several years, it was the perfect fit! As one of our patient care coordinators, Tiff loves interacting with clients and helping them to better understand how to keep their pets happy and healthy.

At home, Tiff has three dogs of her own: a chihuahua-Jack Russell mix named Yuki, a husky-golden mix named Akuma, and another pup named Josie. Yuki accompanied Tiff all the way from Cali. He’s lazy but loves people and cuddling. Akuma loves water, is incredibly smart and super loving. And Josie has a condition called ataxia, which makes her a little wobbly. Despite this, she still loves to run through the grass and is a master cuddler.

In her spare time, Tiff enjoys dabbling in photography – particularly if it involves capturing images of pets or scenic views.
Patient Care Coordinator
When Adaly was a young child, she was forever bringing home stray animals. She had countless pets over the years, from cats and dogs to bunnies, hamsters, mice, and even a few chickens. As she grew older, her passion for animals only continued to grow. As a Patient Care Coordinator here at Ingersoll Animal Hospital, Adaly is helping pets for a living and loving every minute of it!

Adaly spent several years working in the veterinary industry before relocating to Iowa and joining the Ingersoll team. Professionally, she enjoys collaborating with her colleagues and having the opportunity to learn new things each and every day. She is continuously inspired by the love and patience of our resident doctors.

Outside of the clinic, Adaly resides with her husband, their young son, and Adaly’s mom. Her personal interests include hiking, playing guitar and bass, reading, drawing, and going to concerts. An avid and accomplished musician, Adaly was able to compete in several events and perform at Paramount Studios with her high school rock band.
Patient Care Coordinator
Randi’s lifetime passion for animals, and experience working with racetrack horses, has provided a strong foundation for her veterinary hospital work. By previously earning her Dental Assistant certificate, Randi gained basic medical knowledge that she uses in her Patient Care Coordinator position. When her clients and their beloved pets arrive for their appointments, Randi greets them with a friendly smile and a calm, efficient manner. She wants them to have a smooth, positive hospital experience; and just in case, Randi’s ready with her supply of dog treats!

Living outside Des Moines with her fiance Jason, Randi has quite a collection of dogs, cats, and horses. Randi thrives on being outdoors, and she takes every opportunity to ride her horses and bond with her dog. She also shares camping, fishing, hunting, four-wheeling, and road trips with Jason. Randi’s generally an early bird, getting up before sunrise, working hard on the farm and at the hospital, and turning out the lights well after the sun goes down.

Randi’s three horses have an insatiable appetite, as they eat all day and then escape from their pasture to gorge themselves on the other side of the fence. So far, Solomon, Tornado, and Lexy haven’t suffered any ill effects from their food fests. Randi’s dog Kilo loves playing with the horses, and she’ll hitch a ride on any moving vehicle, hopping into the truck or jumping on the four-wheeler. Finally, Randi’s two cats have found a way to entertain themselves inside the house. Kazz has learned how to completely unroll the toilet paper, and Trix has developed the fine art of sleeping all day.
Patient Care Coordinator
Bio coming soon.
Pet Groomer
Kryssa was only in the eighth grade when she started helping at a grooming facility operated by Kryssa’s own dog trainer. Over the years, she learned the ropes of the grooming profession hands-on—she hasn’t stopped grooming pets since. Now, Kryssa is Ingersoll Animal Hospital’s resident Pet Groomer!

Kryssa is originally from New Virginia, Iowa, and attended Kirkwood Community College to study pet grooming and small-business management. After completing her schooling, she signed on with a local animal hospital for a time before moving on to another nearby clinic, where she worked as a Veterinary Assistant while starting her very own grooming business during her off hours.

In the summer of 2018, Kryssa joined the Ingersoll Animal Hospital family and has been making the pets of the area look and feel their absolute best ever since. For her, nothing beats seeing the look on an owner’s face when they first see their freshly groomed companion—those moments make it all worth it for Kryssa!

When she isn’t pampering pets here at the hospital, Kryssa enjoys scrapbooking and spending quality time with her friends and family. She and her boyfriend, Josh, have a beautiful daughter named Ava and also share their lives with three canine companions: Angel, Kryssa’s rat terrier who used to compete alongside Kryssa in competitive 4-H shows; a Pit Bull named Arielle who is both a Canine Good Citizen and a certified therapy dog; and Triton the Pit Bull, also a Canine Good Citizen who loves performing his best tricks for treats.