Thank you so much for trusting us with your pet’s care during these uncertain times. Know that you and your pet are a priority for us and you can expect that behind-the-scenes we are providing your furry friend with the same care and attention as always.

At this time and until further notice all pet-parents are asked to remain in their vehicles throughout the duration of the visit. Team members will approach and communicate via the passenger-side door whenever possible. Please keep a mask on while communicating with our team.

*If you have had any exposure to COVID-19 or are experiencing any symptoms, staff must be notified and rescheduling your visit may be necessary.

Establishing Communication

After confirming your arrival over the phone, a team member will retrieve your furry friend from your vehicle and bring him or her inside for care. We have done everything possible to prepare for your visit and may already have a preliminary treatment plan prepared for you to review. Once your pet has been evaluated (or if we have any questions along the way) we will reach out to you by phone and may update your treatment plan based on our findings or your requests.

  • Please be sure you have provided us with the best number and attentively monitor for our calls. Due to increased call volume we have added several temporary lines so the call may come from an unfamiliar number.
  • When trying to reach us please only use our primary number (515-274-3555) as the additional lines are not monitored for incoming calls.

During Examination

Unless you have arranged for your pet to be dropped off with us, please remain in the parking lot and spot number (whenever possible) throughout the duration of your visit. This helps ensure we are able to expedite patients’ return to their vehicles.

Treatment plans will be updated and provided for your review upon examination or any additionally requested services (such as nail trims, anal sac expression, etc.). If you have any questions about your itemized treatment plan please ask your technician or call the clinic number (515-274-3555).

Closing your Visit

The veterinarian will call you at the number you have provided to discuss your visit, answer any questions, and address any necessary follow-up care. Once your questions have been answered a team member will assist with scheduling any future visits, and process your payment over the phone. If a payment method has already been provided to the technician it will be processed and returned to you with your furry friend.

Due to these additional steps, appointment and wait times may be longer than expected. Although we are doing everything possible to expedite your visit, please reach out to us if you feel your wait has been excessive. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience.

Ingersoll Animal Hospital