Obesity in Dogs: A major health risk

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We know that studies, literature and health guidelines in people have shown the serious risk of obesity to our health. Our dogs are susceptible to many of those same health risks when they become overweight or obese. Obesity is an … Read More »

Veterinary Chiropractic FAQ

What is Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy (VSMT)? VMST, often referred to as animal chiropractic care, is a hands-on therapy designed to find and relieve areas of abnormal or restricted movement of the joints and spine. These restricted or abnormal movements … Read More »

Your Pet’s Dirty Little Secret, as Exposed and Discussed by a Des Moines Vet

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Why is my dog eating poop? by: Dr. Nancy Peterson, Ingersoll Animal Hospital   Has your dog ever come racing in from outside and greeted you with a wiggle and a great “hi breath”? You think, ‘wait, what is that … Read More »

How do Cats Purr and Why; a Des Moines Vet Reviews the Facts

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How do cats purr and why? by: Dr. Nancy Peterson, Ingersoll Animal Hospital You really need to get up and get something out of another room but you have a purring machine sitting on your lap. It seems almost wrong … Read More »