Summer Grooming For Dogs

Summer’s heat can be pretty tough on our canine pals. After all, Fido is already wearing a fur coat! Good grooming is always important, but it’s particularly critical at this time of year. In this article, a Des Moines, IA vet offers some advice on keeping Fido cute and comfy in the summer heat 


Bathe, But Don’t Over-Bathe


People often need to bathe more often in summer, because we sweat more when it’s hot. This isn’t the case with pets, however. Fido and Fluffy only sweat through their paws, so their skin doesn’t get oilier in hot weather. Of course, if your canine buddy has an affinity for rolling in mud puddles, you’ll need to bathe him more than you would in winter. Aside from that, ask your vet for recommendations and stick to those guidelines. 


Paw Care


Paw burns and blisters are all too common at this time of year. Don’t forget that Fido is running around barefoot … or bare-pawed! Keep his nails clipped, and use paw balm to protect and moisturize his furry feet. 




While some pups will be comfier with a shorter haircut in summer, this is by no means a universal recommendation. Clipping isn’t safe or suitable for every pooch. In fact, with some dogs, it can permanently damage their fur. Plus, if you cut Fido’s fur too short, he may be vulnerable to sunburns or skin irritation. 


Outdoor Fun 

One good thing about summer grooming: you can bathe your pup outdoors in a kiddie pool. You may find that Fido also enjoys just being rinsed off and/or splashing around in the spray from a sprinkler. If you do let your furry pal have some backyard water fun, you may want to get a filter for your hose. 


Does Fido enjoy swimming? Always rinse him off after he gets out of the water, to get sand, chlorine, and anything else he may have picked up out of his fur. Once your pooch has dried off, he may also benefit from a good brushing. 

Pup Checks

Inspect your canine companion regularly, and look for things like ticks, skin irritation, and insect bites. This doesn’t need to take long: it can easily be worked into your regular doggy hangout time. 

Do you need to make a grooming appointment for your dog? Contact us, your Des Moines, IA pet hospital, today!

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