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Puppy Day

March 15, 2023
March 23rd has gone to the dogs: it’s National Puppy Day! There are few things that can bring as much joy into our lives as baby dogs. There are also few things as prone to mischief as baby dogs! A Des Moines, IA vet discusses puppy care below.   


  Making sure your furry friend is properly trained is extremely important, both for safety and petiquette. It’s never too early to start working with little Fido. Start with the basics, such as Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down. Try to work with the little guy every day, for about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Be patient and consistent. Keep things positive by offering lots of (small) treats and praise.  


  Owning a puppy is a big responsibility. While little Fido will always need great TLC, he’ll require extra attention at this critical stage of his life. Take some time to read up on puppy care tips, and learn some of the do’s and don’ts of raising a good dog. Sometimes just learning a few things you didn’t know before can make a huge difference. Your vet can be a great source of advice here. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!   


  One reason dogs are so much fun is because they are so playful and lovable. Playing is actually very important for your canine pal. It gives him a healthy way to burn off any angst or anxiety he feels, and also lets him burn off any zoomies he has. Plus, it’s wonderful for bonding. Carve out some extra time for throwing your furry buddy his favorite toy, or playing Tag with him.   


You really don’t need an excuse to pamper your pup a bit, and get that tail going. However, there are plenty of fun products you can get your pooch. Toys, of course, would probably be the first thing on Fido’s list. However, your canine friend may also need some dental products, or perhaps a comfy rain jacket for wet days. If your little buddy goes through toys faster than you can replace them, you may want to sign him up for a doggy subscription box. (We probably don’t have to tell you how cute it is seeing dogs get excited over their mail each month.)   Please feel free to contact us, your Des Moines, IA pet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help! 

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