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5 Ways To Prepare Your Pup For Boarding

February 15, 2023
Are you going out of town soon? If so, you may need to bring your canine buddy to a hotel while you’re away. Fido would no doubt prefer to be home, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy his stay. Read on as a local Des Moines, IA vet offers some tips on getting Fido ready to board.

Updated Records

You’ll need to make sure Fido is current on recommended preventative care. This includes parasite control, and vaccinations, which would typically include vaccines for rabies, Bordetella, canine influenza, and possibly lepto. Find out exactly what the kennel requires. 

Don’t Delay Leaving

We know, it isn’t easy leaving your furry best friend behind. However, the longer you take saying goodbye to your pooch, the harder it’s going to be.


Kennels are definitely the safest place to bring Fido when you’re going away. However, there’s always a chance of an emergency, such as a fire. Make sure your canine companion is microchipped and wearing proper ID tags.

Pack Properly

This is one thing that will vary a bit from kennel to kennel. Some places let you bring toys, food, and bedding; others prefer to use their own things. Find out what you should and shouldn’t bring. (Tip: always pack extra food, treats, and medicine.) 


Socialization is something that should take place over weeks or months, ideally, while Fido is still a puppy. Older dogs can still be socialized, though it may take longer. If your canine companion isn’t used to being around other people or dogs, start working with a pet behaviorist before you leave town.

Trial Run

It’s best to let Fido get familiar with his home away from home before you go on vacation. Book a short overnight stay. This will also be helpful for you, as you’ll have an idea what drop-off and pickup is like. Plus, if it turns out there is something you need to take care of, such as vaccinations or paperwork, you’ll get it out of the way during the dress rehearsal.

Comfort Items

Yes, Fido will miss you while you’re gone, even if he loves running and playing with his buddies. If possible, pack something that has your scent, such as a tee-shirt you slept in. Do you need to schedule boarding for your pet? Contact us, your Des Moines, IA animal clinic, anytime! 

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