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Your Puppy’s Grooming Appointments

February 1, 2023
Have you recently adopted a puppy? Baby dogs are super cute and lots of fun, but they’re also a lot of work. During that first year, you’ll need to spend lots of time training and socializing your canine friend, and getting him used to different situations. One thing you’ll want to do is take little Fido to the groomer. A Des Moines, IA vet offers some advice on this below.


Even if you plan to mostly bathe your furry pal at home, it’s good for him to be familiar with the salon, and to tolerate being bathed, brushed, and having his paws handled. That way, if he ever needs professional grooming down the road, he won’t be scared or stressed.


Ideally, you’ll want to wait until little Fido is about two to three months old for that first appointment. This is about when he can leave his mama. It’s also peak socialization time, which makes it the perfect time to introduce him to the new experience.

The First Appointment

At little Fido’s first appointment, you probably don’t want to schedule a haircut. It’s going to be more than enough for him to get used to being held and handled. You don’t want to overdo it, and give your pooch a bad impression of going to the salon. Just schedule the basics. That would usually include a bath, drying, and nail trim, and perhaps trimming the fur in problem spots, such as near the eyes.

The Follow Up

Your groomer may advise having the second appointment also be basics-only, depending on how your canine pal reacts to the first one. By the time little Fido is about six months old, he’ll be well along the way of that big growth spurt, and will have formed some pretty solid opinions about things. Plus, at this time, your puppy’s adult fur may be replacing his baby coat. Dogs often need some extra grooming attention during this stage. 

 At Home

In between appointments, be sure to regularly brush your furry friend, and handle his feet. This is also the time to get your pooch started out on dental care. Remember, it’s much better to teach little Fido good manners now than to try and correct bad habits later. Of course, you’ll need to sweeten the deal a bit. Offer lots of treats and praise, and perhaps even a new toy, after his beauty sessions. Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Des Moines, IA animal clinic, today!  

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