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Reasons Boarding is Better Than Petsitting

June 1, 2020

Are you going to be leaving town soon? If so, your animal companion may be delighted to go with you. However, dogs can’t go everywhere with us. You may need to leave your furry best friend in the care of another. Which is the better option for you: boarding or pet sitting? In most cases, it’s going to be the former. A local Des Moines, IA vet lists a few reasons why in this article.


While we hope that your trip goes smoothly, it’s important to understand that things can—and do—go wrong sometimes. If something were to happen to you while you’re gone, a kennel will already have safeguards—such as backup contacts—in place. They also have trained professionals on staff, who would be able to care for your pet in an emergency.


Safety is another thing to think about with petsitters. Reputable petsitting agencies do vet people. However, they are really a third party in many cases. It can be unsettling to give someone you don’t know the keys to your home! And, in case you’re thinking a friend or family member is a better option, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. In fact, that may just be asking for trouble.


Pet sitters usually stop over once or twice a day, which may leave the pet alone the rest of the time. This can be tough on some pets. Our animal pals are very affectionate, and get quite distressed and lonely by themselves. When you board your pet, you know that your furry pal is being looked after all day.


Many of our four-legged patients have a knack for getting into mischief. Boarding is definitely a better option for playful pets! You don’t want to worry about Fluffy or Fido getting into trouble while they’re home alone. We also strongly recommend boarding for senior pets, puppies and kittens, and pets with medical issues.


While boarding is often the safer bet, we do understand that every pet is different. If you aren’t sure, ask your vet for advice. Also, if you do decide to board, be sure to choose a great kennel. Check reviews, and stop in to take a look. Don’t forget to ask about perks and procedures!

Do you want to learn more about boarding? Call us, your Des Moines, IA vet clinic, today!

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