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How to Read a Dog Food Label

July 19, 2019
You may have seen recent news stories about an FDA study linking grain-free diets to health risks for pets. As this study mentions, it is important to feed your pet foods that have been developed through food trials and with board-certified veterinarians on staff. Choosing a diet which meets these requirements can be daunting given the variety of foods on the market, and we’re always here to help should you have any questions. To help you gain a more solid grasp of what goes into your pet’s diet we would like to share an article, How to Read a Dog Food Label, which goes into detail about breaking down label information. Knowing what your pet is eating and understanding balanced diets is key in keeping them healthy in the long-term. Our Doctors or a veterinary technician on our medical team are available to discuss your dog’s nutritional needs with you. If you have questions or would like to discuss your pet’s diet, please call us at (515) 274-3555. Important Pet Health Alert

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