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Spotlight On Puppy Jake Foundation

November 7, 2018
Here at Ingersoll Animal Hospital, we understand how wonderful dogs are, and how much they give back to us. One program we are proud to support is Puppy Jake Foundation. Founded in 2013, PJF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that trains and places professional service dogs with wounded military veterans. A Des Moines, IA vet discusses the program—and the pawsitive work it does—below.

A Helping Paw

Service dogs can help veterans in many ways. They perform tasks, such as turning lights on and off, closing and opening drawers, and getting specific items. They also help veterans navigate crowds. These wonderful dogs can also anticipate, block, and react to PTSD-related flashbacks. Last but not least, they provide unconditional love, comfort, emotional support, and friendship.

How It Works

PJF selects and purchases puppies from reputable breeders. Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherds are the three breeds that work best as service dogs. These wonderful dogs are super smart, easy to train, and the right size. The pups are carefully screened for health issues. They start training at about 8 weeks old. This is where foster families come into play. The dogs live with their foster families for 18-24 months before being paired with veterans. Veterans are not charged for the dogs, though there is an application fee.

Our Part

We’re proud to help support this wonderful program! For our part, we help by providing veterinary services for the Puppy Jake Foundation dogs at a discount. We see dozens of these amazing dogs annually. Keeping these dogs in tip-top shape is an honor, and one we don’t take lightly.

Get Involved

By bringing your pet to us here at Ingersoll, you’re already helping to support this great cause. Of course, there are several other ways to help. Donating supplies is one option. The PJF wish list can be found here. It can cost up to $20,000 to raise a service dog, so monetary donations are always appreciated. You can make tax-deductible donations here. If you’re able to make a bigger commitment, you can also consider fostering. Fostering does require quite a bit of training, and will take lots of time and effort, but it’s highly rewarding. It feels great to give back to those who have sacrificed so much! Adopting a re-careered dog is another option. Some pooches just aren’t cut out to be service dogs, but they still make great pets.


If you are a veteran, first and foremost, we want to thank you for your service. If you want to apply for a dog, the application can be found here. You may also want to read their FAQs here. You can also contact PJF directly at 515-777-2837 or by emailing [email protected]. To learn more about PJF, contact us, your Des Moines, IA vet clinic, today!

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