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6 Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

March 1, 2018
Do you bathe your dog yourself? Or do you take Fido to the groomer’s? While you can certainly bathe your pooch in a tub or kiddie pool at home, there actually are some great benefits to taking Fido to the doggy salon. A Des Moines, IA vet lists a few key ones in this article.


Even dogs that love water aren’t always very happy to find out that it’s bath day. Some pooches even run and hide at the word ‘Bath!’ Doggy bath time isn’t necessarily fun for Fido’s human pals, either. You may very well end up soaked and covered in suds and dog hair! Taking your furry friend to the groomer is often easier for both you and your canine buddy.

Less Mess

After Fido’s bath time, does your bathroom look like a fur-filled tornado hit it? Man’s Best Friend also often sprays everything around him when he shakes the water out of his coat. One great thing about taking your furry pal to the salon: no mess to pick up after!

No Cold Pup

In summer, Fido can dry off by taking a nice long walk, but winter is a different story. You probably don’t want a wet dog lying on your couch, but going for a stroll isn’t a good option, either. If you take Fido a groomer’s, he’ll be dry before you pick him up, so you don’t have to worry about taking a wet pooch outdoors in the cold.

Schedule Hack

If you have your dog groomed at the vet’s, you might be able to book both appointments together. This means you can drop Fido off, and, a few hours later, pick up a pup that is not only current on exams and vaccinations, but clean and fresh-smelling to boot!

Early Warning

While this isn’t guaranteed, professional dog groomers can often spot certain medical troubles, such as skin problems, lesions, and parasites, early on. When it comes to treating health issues in pets, the sooner a problem is caught—and treated—the better!

Medical Grooming

Some dogs need extra TLC when being groomed, for medical reasons. For instance, your vet may recommend anal gland expression or ear hair trims. Ask your vet if Fido would benefit from medical grooming. Do you need to schedule grooming for your pet? Call us, your Des Moines, IA pet hospital, today!

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