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How to Stop Your Cat from Keeping You Awake at Night

April 1, 2015
Does this sound like a familiar scenario? You climb into a bed at the end of a long day, get comfortable, and are just about to drift off when the sound of little paws breaks the silence. Then you might hear the smack of a cat toy hitting the wall, followed by Fluffy’s meowing. Our feline friends are wonderful friends and companions, but they aren’t always the most considerate. Sometimes, your feline friend may be the most active when you’re trying to sleep. In this article from your Ingersoll vet, you’ll read some tips on getting Fluffy to sleep at night.

Rule Out Health Problems

If your cat is walking around crying loudly each night, she may be in pain. Have your vet examine your kitty to rule out the possibility of medical problems.


Take time to play with your cat in the evening. Use interactive toys, like wands or laser pointers, which Fluffy can chase. Keep it up until Kitty has had enough. You don’t have to worry about overexerting your furbaby, as she’ll simply stop playing when she gets tired. Several short sessions may be most effective.

Late Dinner

Feed Fluffy her dinner just before you go to bed. Chances are, Kitty will curl up for a nap after she’s done eating.

Let Fluffy Sleep With You

If your furry friend is scratching or meowing at your door because she wants to come into your bedroom, you might want to let her have her way. Kitties that sleep with their owners tend to bond more closely to their humans than those that are locked out of the bedroom at night. Fluffy may initially disturb you as she’s getting settled, but once she’s gotten comfy, you may find that her purring actually helps you sleep. Another option is to put a kitty bed for her in your bedroom, near your bed.

Keep Kitty Occupied During The Day

If Fluffy is left alone most of the day while you’re working, she’s probably spending most of that time asleep. Keep her occupied by giving her a place to lounge in front of a window, so she can observe the neighborhood wildlife. Do you have any questions about your cat’s care or behavior? Please feel free to contact us. As your local Ingersoll vet clinic, we are happy to help!

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