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Six Rules for Being a Cat

March 1, 2015
Did you ever wonder if our feline friends have a rulebook for life? These furballs are definitely larger than life, and certainly have a knack for wrapping people around their little paws. If cats did live by certain guidelines, what would they look like? In this article, your local vet Ingersoll ponders what Kitty’s ‘Golden Rules’ might look like.

The Human Is Not The Boss. The Cat Is the Boss.

Have you ever stayed put because your cat is asleep in your lap, and looks so comfortable you can’t bear to move her? Or have you ever opened a fresh can of food just because your furball is pretending she’s starving, even though her plate is full?

Humans are Furniture

Fluffy loves to sleep, and will doze off in all sorts of positions and places. She isn’t above using you as her own personal bed or sofa, either.

Cats are allowed to change their mood every two seconds, and humans are expected to quietly agree

Have you ever petted your kitty, and had her purring happily one moment, only to swat at you in the next? Kitties can be a bit temperamental at times. A note of caution here: if your cat suddenly begins to resist being touched, have your vet examine her to determine if there are any medical issues.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Kitties take breakfast quite seriously, and your furball will fully expect you to feed her the moment you get out of bed. If you sleep past the point where she decides she’s hungry, she may take it upon herself to wake you up.

Cats Will Use Their Amazing Powers Of Cute Wisely

Has your cat ever knocked a glass or figurine off a table or countertop, and then immediately looked at you with the most adorable expression? Perhaps you’ve found your furball in a basket of fresh laundry, looking so adorable and innocent that you don’t have the heart to get mad. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s a skill.

Cats Will Keep Humans Guessing

Tests to accurately gauge Kitty’s intelligence have failed miserably, mostly because cats refuse to cooperate with testing, leaving mostly inconclusive results. They have, however, managed to take over the internet, which by some guesses is now roughly 70% cat pictures. One has to wonder what our feline friends are up to! Does your cat follow these rules? Perhaps your kitty makes up a few of her own as well! We’d love to hear them! Click here for more articles from your local vet Ingersoll.

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