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Fun Facts About Cats

February 15, 2015
Kitties are undoubtedly among the most endearing and enigmatic animals on the planet. These cute little furballs have big personalities. Individual kitties all have their own distinct characters and charming habits, but even as a species, these little furballs are quite unique. Your local vet Des Moines goes over a few fun facts about cats in this article.

Cats Have Allergies Too

Does your furball sneeze a lot? She might be allergic to dust, pollen, or even you! Kitties can suffer from allergies, just like people do.

Cats Usually Only Meow At People

Did you know that kitties rarely talk to each other? Once they’re weaned, most cats save their vocal talents for their people. Many cats tend to be the most talkative at dinnertime. This is no coincidence. Some scientists suspect that Fluffy started meowing just to elicit sympathy from humans, particularly those prone to doling out extra tidbits at mealtime.

A Group Of Cats is Called A Clowder

Technically, the correct name for a crowd of cats is clowder, but our feline friends are rarely referred to in this way.

Kitties spend up to 70% of their lives asleep

Fluffy sleeps more than almost any other mammal on the planet, with the exception of opossums and certain bats. They also sleep in some really interesting places and positions. No one is sure why cats sleep so much, but they definitely make adorable nappers!

Many Kitties are Lactose intolerant

The image of kitties lapping up milk is not a truly accurate one, at least, not in the age of pasteurization. Many kitties can’t even tolerate milk!

Up to 30 Percent of Cats Are Immune to Catnip

While catnip tops the list of Kitty’s favorite toys, some kitties don’t feel any effects from catnip at all. Senior cats and kittens also are unaffected by Fluffy’s favorite plant.

Cats Purr to Heal Themselves

It’s commonly accepted that kitties purr when they are happy. Fluffy may certainly rumble a bit when she is curled up in your lap or snuggled up with you in bed, but she may also purr if she is sick or scared.

Kitties are either right-pawed or left-pawed

Just like people, kitties usually have a dominant side. Females tend to be right-pawed, while males usually use their left paws more.

Kitties only sweat through their paws

Those cute little paw pads help cushion Fluffy’s bones and joints, and help her get a grip on slippery surfaces. They also help your kitty cool off a bit by sweating. Do you have any questions about your cat’s care or behavior? Please contact us any time. As your vet clinic Des Moines, we are happy to help!

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