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Benefits of Playing with Your Cat

January 15, 2015
Do you regularly play with your feline buddy? If so, great! Both you and your furry friend are benefitting from your play sessions. Read on as your local vet Des Moines describes some great benefits of playing with your furball.

Stress Relief

There are few things cuter than a kitty that is hell-bent on catching a feather toy or chasing a ball around the room. Playtime isn’t just good for Fluffy; it’s also good for you! Just spending a few minutes a day with your feline friend can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, and put a smile on your face.


Playing with your kitty will make the bond between you even stronger. Kitty will understand that you’re taking some time to pay attention to her, and will feel loved and happy. She will repay you with purrs, cuddles, affection, and perhaps the occasional hairball.


We all know that cats love to sleep! Fluffy’s obsession with napping puts exercise pretty far down the list of her priorities, so she may need a little motivation to get moving. Playtime will help Fluffy stay fit and active, which will be very beneficial for her health.

Build Confidence

Kitties that are timid or easily scared may gain confidence through regular play sessions. Taking a few minutes a day for a vigorous play session will burn off some of your cat’s nervous energy, and leave her feeling calmer and more relaxed.


Cognitive function often declines in older kitties, just like it does in people. Regular, interactive play sessions will keep Kitty engaged, and will help Kitty’s mind stay alert. Playtime will also keep your furball from getting bored.


Playing with your cat is fun for both you and her! Take a few minutes every day to relax, enjoy some quality time with your furball, and laugh a little. It’s a win-win situation! While your cat will certainly benefit from having store bought toys, you don’t have to spend a fortune on Fluffy’s entertainment. Rolled up paper balls, cardboard boxes, and the tops of milk-gallons can all make fun toys for cats. Wand toys and laser pointers are both great for interactive play, because you can keep your kitty engaged and control her movements. Just remember never to shine a laser pointer right into her eyes. Do you have any questions about caring for your feline friend? Please contact us, your vet clinic Des Moines, any time we can help. We are happy to assist with all of your pet care needs.

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