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Vaccines for Puppies

August 15, 2014
It’s Immunization Awareness Month, and all puppies need the proper vaccinations to live long, happy lives. How much do you know about this essential part of your dog’s health? Learn more below from Des Moines vet.

How do Vaccines Work, Exactly?

A vaccine against a particular disease introduces an antigen to your pet’s immune system, which looks like the disease but doesn’t actually cause harm. It stimulates the immune system slightly and your pet’s system produces antibodies. Your pet’s body can then recognize the disease and defend itself against it should the real thing ever take hold.

What Vaccines Does My Puppy Need?

All pups need the core vaccines: parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and the rabies vaccinations. These are particularly dangerous or contagious. Certain puppies may also benefit from other non-core vaccines, like the Bordetella vaccine, depending on factors like environment, exposure risk, and health. Consult your vet to find out what vaccines will be necessary for your dog.

How Often Do These Need Updated?

A pup’s vaccinations are given in intervals from about six weeks of age until about 16 weeks. Then, most vaccinations need yearly updates. Many dog owners have their puppy’s vaccines updated at their yearly check-up. Certain vaccines, like most rabies immunizations, only need updates every three years or so.

Are Vaccinations Expensive?

It’s difficult to determine an exact pricing, since it varies widely based on the vaccine itself, the practice administering the shot, and your location. Most standard vaccines, though, won’t break the bank. It’s best to consult your vet for exact pricing details.

How Do I Get Started?

Make an appointment at your Des Moines veterinarian’s office today if your puppy needs immunizations, needs his shots updated, or if you have any questions about the proper vaccinations for young dogs. This is one of the best things you’ll ever do for your beloved furry friend!

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