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Indoor Fun for Dogs

July 1, 2014
Sometimes you just don’t want to go outside with your dog to exercise. Perhaps it’s extremely hot, extremely cold, or storming. Perhaps you simply don’t have the space. Whatever the reason, try these tips from a Des Moines veterinarian to have some fun exercise time with your dog while remaining inside.

Move Games Indoors

Some of the same games you play outdoors can be done inside if you have the space. Fetch and tug-of-war are good examples. Move aside some furniture in a basement room and use the space to toss a ball around or tug on a rope with your pooch. Just make sure the toys you’re using don’t have small pieces that could break off, presenting a choking hazard.

Utilize the Stairs

Stairs are a great way to exercise your dog while staying inside. Get your dog’s favorite toy or a dog treat, then stand at the top of the stairs and call your dog to you. After he’s run up the stairs, reverse positions and repeat. Running up and down the incline will provide great physical activity for your furry friend!

Use the Hallway

Do you have a long hallway in your home? Try using it as a dog run. Move aside all breakable or valuable furniture items, then toss a ball or treat down the hall. Your dog will go dashing after it to retrieve the item. Have your dog come back to you, then repeat the exercise.


Use a few family members for this one. Have each person take a treat or toy then go to various corners of the house. Then, one by one, have each person call your dog to them. Your dog will have a lot of fun seeking out each hiding treat, and he’ll be getting great exercise in the process!

Obstacle Courses

Use standard home items to build a makeshift obstacle course—couch cushions, chairs, pillows, blankets, and sheets can work well. Hide a few treats inside the course, then call your dog to it. He’ll have great fun working his way through the obstacles, and it will be great mental stimulation as he searches for the hidden treasures. Next time you don’t want to go outside to exercise your dog, try these methods. Ask your Des Moines veterinarian for more fun and easy ways to get your dog moving indoors.

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