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Fans for Food – Benefiting Des Moines Pets through the Pet Project Midwest!

November 1, 2013
Des Moines Vets, Making a Difference in your Community! Fans-for-Food-Poster At Ingersoll Animal Hospital we work every day to provide the best veterinary medical care and emotional comfort to Des Moines’ pets and their parents….but we want to do more! We at Ingersoll Animal Hospital are celebrating the launch of our new website and Facebook page by teaming up with Pet Project Midwest and Iams Pet Food Company (in association with AAHA Marketlink) to bring you the ‘FANS for FOOD’ campaign – for every new Facebook Fan through the month of November, Ingersoll Animal Hospital will be donating one can of pet food (up to 1,000 cans) to Pet Project Midwest. Share with your friends, your family, your co-workers, and lets see if we can meet this challenge! 1,000 new Ingersoll Animal Hospital Fans = 1,000 cans of food for our furry friends. MATCHED by Iams, that’s 2,000 cans! Up to 2,000 moments of lip-licking happiness for the Des Moines pet families who need it most.

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